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Verbier Festival Academy

The Verbier Festival Academy

The Verbier Festival Academy is a world leader in identifying, encouraging and nurturing tomorrow’s truly exceptional solo performers and, each summer, an elite group of extraordinary young artists are invited to participate in its activities.  They participate in masterclasses and workshops with leading professors and artists, exchange creative ideas and perform together in beautiful surroundings.
The Academy offers a life-changing experience, an opportunity for learning, for reflection, for inspiration and for making new connections. The Academy is also committed to encouraging its musicians to think how to develop careers out of the concert hall and, through its Reaching Out programme, how to become valuable resources in their communities.

Application deadline
  • Voice: opera – Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin: 1 January 2017
  • Piano, violin, viola, cello, voice: lied/art song:  20 January 2017
  • Chamber ensembles, Reaching Out: 20 February 2017


Why join the Verbier Festival Academy?


The Academy offers more than a 100 masterclasses in piano, violin, viola, cello, chamber music and voice each summer, all delivered by world-renowned teachers and artists and all held in front of a large and enthusiastic audience. The voice masterclasses focus around one opera and there is a semi-staged performance of the opera at the end of the Festival. Exceptional teaching and extraordinary artistry is inspiring.

Chamber Music and Public Performances

All instrumentalists take part in The Academy’s Chamber Music Programme which is led by Gabor Takacs-Nagy. The Academy also offers concert opportunities to its participants, from daily concerts at the Verbier Cinema to the hugely popular final concerts on the closing weekend.


Verbier is the ideal place to meet artists, agents, promoters, orchestra directors and recording company executives, and they are actively encouraged to take an interest in The Academy and have the possibility to contribute to musicians’ development.

Career Development

The Academy helps musicians to identify what non-musical ingredients are needed to make a successful career. Through personal advice and practical training, musicians identify what makes them unique and how they can communicate. They can also see how to make the most out of being on stage.

Take part

Academy musicians have a unique opportunity to be a part of the bustling, creative atmosphere of the Festival. They may attend concerts given by world-renowned artists or by their peers and the three Orchestras (VFJO, VFO and VFCO) and the Discovery programme give different inspirations. Everything takes place within the majestic and inspiring beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Keep connected

The Academy is committed to helping participants even when the summer is over. We actively follow and promote careers, and provide performing opportunities and auditions through our global network. Academy laureates often perform as soloists in international tours by the Verbier Festival Orchestras and in other special concerts.