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About the Friends

Thanks to their enthusiasm and their commitment the Friends of the Verbier Festival have become invaluable partners of the Festival.

Founded in 1993 by a small group of friends, impassioned by Martin T:son Engstroem’s artistic project, the Friends of the Verbier Festival contributed in a crucial manner to the birth and growth of the Verbier Festival and its learning projects. Bringing together more than 1000 members, the three Friends’ associations – Les Amis suisses du Verbier Festival, the British Friends and the American Friends – continue to make an invaluable contribution to the development and durability of this unique event... offering a vital financial support to make possible artistic and learning projects of the Festival actively contributing to the organisation and logistics of the Festival, through volunteering, housing artists or Academy members and organising post-concert dinners with artists committing themselves to promoting the festival in Switzerland and abroad

To continue investing in exciting new artistic and educational projects, the Verbier Festival needs your support!

Be part of the big Verbier Festival family!

By becoming a member of one of our Friends’ associations, you…

…make contacts with other music lovers with a shaped passion for this unique artistic project

…experience the extraordinary Verbier Festival from the inside, alongside its artists and its staff

...enjoy many benefits such as:

- access to exclusive presales before the ticket office opens to the general public
- discounted ticket prices and/or invitations to events during the festival and to the Christmas Concert
- tax relief on your Friends subscription
- access to the Friends Bar (reduced drink prices)
- invitation to the Friends' barbecue/raclette event during the festival
…and many more…

…offer indispensable support to one of the world’s most remarkable music events!

For further information, please contact the Friends' Office at or call +41 21 925 90 66.

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You live in the UK or the US? Contact the British Friends or American Friends!

Spotlight on…The post-concert dinners

Photos © David Collinet

The reputation of the Verbier Festival certainly rests on the prestige of its artists. But not only! Since the very beginnings, it also emanates from the friendly en enthusiastic atmosphere created by the Friends, in particular through their exclusive post-concert dinners which prolong the musical emotions after the concerts given at the Salle des Combins or the Eglise.

Bringing together Friends, Artists, Festival staff members and VIPs, selected by the hosts, these exclusive dinners (on invitation only) offer a beautiful occasion to meet and thank the artists who have been performing during the day and to come together in a warm and informal atmosphere.

By offering unique and exquisite moments of friendship and exchange, it is no coincidence that these dinners contribute enormoulsy to the unique charm of Verbier and are now famous in the whole world!

If you have a residence in Verbier and would like to organise a post-concert dinner, please feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to offer assistance to create a customised and unforgettable event.