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Since October 2005, the Verbier Festival is governed by a Foundation.

Voting members of the board

Peter Brabeck-LetmathePresident
Alain NicodVice-President
Patrick AebischerMember
Yves BonzonMember
Martin T:son EngstroemFounder and Executive Director
Patrice FeronMember
Jean-Albert FerrezMember
Pierre de LabouchèreMember
Catherine de MarignacPresident of the Friends of the Festival
John PorterMembre
Patrick de PreuxMember
Eloi Rossier
President of the Commune de Bagnes/VS
Julien Schoenlaub
Olivier VerreyMember

Non-voting participants

Julien Tron


Comité de la présidence

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe
Alain Nicod
Martin T:son Engstroem
Jean-Albert Ferrez
Eloi Rossier
Julien Schoenlaub


Patrice Feron
Jean-Albert Ferrez
Olivier Verrey

Relations publiques

Jean-Albert Ferrez
Eloi Rossier
Patrick de Preux

Sponsorship & Philanthropie

Patrick Aebischer
Martin T:son Engstroem
Pierre de Labouchère
Catherine de Marignac
Julien Schoenlaub

Le mot du Président

(c) Herman Hoogland

I would like to begin by thanking the Foundation Board, whose members demonstrated their confidence by appointing me President of our wonderful Festival. I am happy to accept this position, knowing that I can count on the warm support of all our friends and supporters.

The 25th anniversary of the Verbier Festival is not only a great opportunity to celebrate the extraordinary past of the Festival, due in particular to the vision of our founder Martin Engstroem, but also to prepare for the future.

With that in mind, we have created four committees in conjunction with the Presidency to promote all of the Festival’s aspirations in a challenging environment. I am pleased that we have found in Câline Yamakawa the ideal person for the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer, whose main mission is to strengthen the operational and economic structures of the Festival.

To maintain the excellence of the artistic and educational programming for which the Verbier Festival is an international first-class example, we would like for Martin Engstroem to be able to devote himself fully to the artists that he is able to bring to the Festival, and to share this vision of excellence to the new generations of musicians who wish to reach the highest level of their profession. We are very grateful to Maestro Gergiev for accepting Martin Engstroem’s invitation to become the Music Director of the Verbier Festival Orchestra and for the expertise he will bring to developing these young talents.

As President, I wish to do everything necessary to perpetuate the identity of the Verbier Festival. I accord particular importance to our local, cantonal, and national partners, not to mention the Festival’s international influence. To this end, we depend on the generosity and support of a wider audience, of the Friends of the Festival, and of the various sponsors and philanthropic foundations that allow our continuous development with a long-term vision.

I am counting on your support and I look forward to the very memorable programme that our Founder has prepared for the 25th edition of the Verbier Festival. Peter Brabeck-Letmathe