Verbier Festival

Every afternoon, the Verbier Festival in partnership with Espace 2, invites you to attend talks given by artists or musical experts. Every evening before the concert in Salle des Combins, you can attend a short presentation about the concert programme and the facts behind the music.

Discovery Conversations, in association with Espace 2

The Verbier Festival in collaboration with Espace 2 present Discovery Conférences. Invited speakers include musicians, writers and other celebrity guests of the Festival. Most of these talks are hosted by journalists from Espace 2. You can listen them on the radio after then.
Some of the Discovery Conférences are in English, those ones are not in partnership with Espace 2 and are recorded but not broadcasted.

Evening programme

Every day, Verbier Festival Discovery offers an introduction to the evening concert programme in Salle des Combins. These introductions are designed to allow you to more fully appreciate the music. The talks are given in French (with Michèle Larivière at 6pm at Café Schubert) and in English (with Stephen Johhson at 6pm at Café Chopin).

Free entry, limited seats available.

Conference & Concert

2016 event!

The research programme ASSET (supported by the European Union) organises, in partnership with the Verbier Festival, the Music & Science project: a concerto for piano and science with the pianist Andrey Gugnin and five internationally renowned scientists.

Saturday 30 July 2016, 4pm at the Espace St Marc (Route de Mauvoisin 45, CH-1934 Le Châble). Free admission, book your place by E-mail: / Conference in French and English.

Music programme:

  • Frédéric Chopin : 12 Etudes, op. 25
  • Nicolaï Medtner: Sonata Romantica, op. 53, no. 1

Conference programme:

  • Dr Ariel Beresniak, Data Mining International, Switzerland

Introduction: Private and public health

Piano: Etudes, op. 25, no. 1-2-3, by Chopin

  • Dr Pierre Lemarquis, neurologist, France

The impact of music on the brain: preventive and curative effects

Piano: Etudes, op. 25, no. 4-5, by Chopin

  • Helene Vareille, Vareille Foundation, Switzerland

The cognitive impact of a pilot programme in music education: a violin in my school

Piano: Etudes, op. 25, no. 6-7, by Chopin

  • Dr Donato Greco, epidemiologist, Italy

Dynamics of germs

Piano:  Etudes, op. 25, no. 8-9-10, by Chopin

  • Dr Sylvie Briand, World Health Organisation, Switzerland

Responses to pandemics: the new orchestra for global health

Piano: Etudes, op. 25, no. 11-12, by Chopin

  • Dr Alberto Perra, Istituto Superiore di sanita, Italy

Three small things one can do to protect the community from the next pandemic

Piano: Sonata Romantica, op. 53, no. 1, by Medtner