Verbier Festival
29 July 2018
7:00 pm
Salle des Combins
CHF 200.- | 180.- | 140.- | 100.- | 60.- | TR 25.-
Mikhaïl Pletnev ©AlinePaley
Evgeny Kissin (©Sheila Rock)
Stanislav Kochanovsky

Grand Russian romanticism lives on in Mikhail Pletnev’s 2006 Fantasia Helvetica, a half-hour tour of Swiss tunes developed for two pianos and large orchestra. Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto (1900-01) is a work that never ceases to find further possibilities in its store of irresistible melodies. Glazunov’s almost exactly contemporary The Seasons (1899-1900), written for a ballet in imperial St Petersburg, begins in wintertime (with solo dances for Frost, Ice, Hail and Snow). Harp glissandos introduce spring, with light winds, birds and flowers represented. Summer breaks through in warm static harmony, leading to a waltz for cornflowers and poppies, a barcarolle of naiads, other dances and a lengthy coda. Finally comes autumn with a big tune and a majestic close.

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