Verbier Festival
3 August 2018
7:00 pm
Salle des Combins
CHF 160.- | 140.- | 110.- | 80.- | 50.- | TR 25.-
Pablo Heras-Casado © Catherine Pisaroni
Martin Fröst

After Debussy’s 1910 Première Rhapsodie, as langorous a love song as the clarinet knows, comes something new for this instrument. In Jesper Nordin’s Emerge, Martin Fröst not only plays his clarinet but also a digital set-up devised by the composer, a ‘gestrument’ that captures the musician’s gestures and converts them into sound from a virtual orchestra. Adventurous in its own time, Schumann’s Second Symphony (1845-6) is a striking essay in unifying the four movements of symphonic form. For one thing, all the movements are in C. The scherzo theme leaps straight out of the first movement as a variation, and the glorious Adagio, in the minor, is answered by the upbeat, major-mode finale. Beethoven, the unavoidable model, is seen from a fresh perspective.