Verbier Festival
27 July 2018
7:00 pm
Salle des Combins
CHF 160.- | 140.- | 110.- | 80.- | 50.- | TR 25.-
András Schiff ©BirgittaKowsky
Tabea Zimmermann ©MarcoBorggreve

Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Night’s Dream overture, with its storybook atmosphere, featherlight fairies and charming tradesmen, was one of his brilliant achievements as a teenager. Sixteen years later, in 1842, he repeated the magic in adding numbers for a stage production. Dialogue is already happening in Mozart’s 1779 Sinfonia concertante as the soloists on violin and viola enter. It goes on from there, through the grave C minor slow movement to the finale’s fizz. Of all the keyboard concertos, Bach’s in F minor has a slow movement in which the soloist wanders among pizzicato strings. Beethoven’s First Piano Concerto was completed in 1795, after No. 2, but published sooner. Full of confidence and provocation, and anouncing future challenges, the work finds serenity in its slow movement.