Verbier Festival


Verbier Festival ’Discovery’ offers free learning programmes for music explorers of all ages — from classical music novices to aficionados. The full line-up of programmes will be announced early in 2018.



The Verbier Festival is for kids tooChildren, aged 6 to 13, take part in workshops, activities and performances.

2017 projects included:

Hip Hip Hopera

Workshop led by Klangbox / Pascal Viglino
A musicology class for kids. Over two days of workshops, the young participants will discover, analyse and prepare their own musical interpretations—often funny and off-beat presentation—of a featured Festival work.

Les Arts Verts 2017

Musical Vegetable Garden / Music in Bloom

Led by Les arts verts
Creations of musical instruments out of vegetables and forest elements. 

The Art of Fishing

led by Marc Philippin / L’Atelier des lutins
A preview to Storytellers concert
Drawing and animation inspired by Pushkin’s The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish


led by Clemens and Nick Prokop /
Trust Your Ears
Stormwatch is an interactive, camera-based, single-player installation which allows visitors to create a virtual thunderstorm through gestures and controlling sound environments similar to how a conductor shapes the sound of the orchestra.


There’s always something to learn about music.  Adult Discovery programmes are for classical novices and aficionados alike.

Introduction Concerts

Discover orchestral masterpieces at informative  pre-concert chats  hosted by Stephen Johnson (English) and Michèle Larivière (French) before each evening’s Salle des Combins concert.

Classic-Express Conversations

Take a peek behind the music with lively  conversations  and audience Q&A’s featuring guest musicians, speakers and music experts.  Select conversations feature audience-favourite Charles Sigel and are presented in association with Espace 2.

All Ages


Family-friendly free performances of stories set to music—an introduction to classical music through a world of imagination. Three stories were featured in 2017, including Maurice Ravel’s Ma mère l’Oye performed by narrator, actor and Illustrator, Judd Palmer, and Academy musicians Zorá String Quartet and pianists Andrei Gologan and Aidan Mikdad.

Les Gondoliers

Enter the tiniest concert hall in the world!  Enjoy breathtaking scenery during short high altitude musical ‘rendez-vous’ with  musicians of the Verbier Festival and Verbier Festival Orchestras.

Ebonit Saxophone Quartet


Stroll through the Swiss Alps in the company of musicians. Experience the sounds of nature and enjoy short performances ‘en plein-air’ by Verbier Festival Academy and Orchestra musicians.

Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra at La Chaux 2017

Open Air Concerts

Place Centrale
Discover regional musicians and Verbier Festival Academy, Verbier Festival Orchestra and Verbier Festival Junior Orchestra musicians as they dig deep into their bags of musical tricks to perform a mix of classical and non-classical tunes under the tent at Place Centrale.

En Altitude
Experience the magic of the Verbier Festival at high altitude on terraces high above the Station’s centre, and, thanks to a partnership with Téléverbier on the slopes of La Chaux.


The third edition of Chess by Neva Foundation at the Verbier Festival. Learn the basics of the game and play in a tournament with stars of the Festival.

Grand Master Vladimir Kramnik vs. Repin, Lugansky and Sitkovetsky