Support the Relief Effort

The Verbier Festival Emergency Relief Fund is held and administered independently from the Verbier Festival Foundation by the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation—a not-for-profit foundation, based in Geneva, whose mission is to create, host and manage philanthropic funds. As an independent entity, Swiss Philanthropy Foundation will ensure compliance measures are met and will distribute grants directly to the selected artists in need.


How to Donate

Donations from or through Switzerland

Please email emergencyrelief@verbierfestival.com to arrange wire transfer of funds to Swiss Philanthropy Foundation.


Donations from Europe and Other Countries

Swiss Philanthropy Foundation is member of the Transnational Giving Europe network. We recommend that donors contact the corresponding Transnational Giving Europe Partner to their country listed here.

Transnational Giving Europe partners are tax-exempt entities and donations in their favour may be deductible to the extent allowable by their respective jurisdictions. Donors having a residence in a country not included among the Transnational Giving Europe network may donate directly to Swiss Philanthropy Foundation. Such donations will likely not be tax-deductible.