Verbier Festival

fest’off Chess

by Neva Foundation  

Checkmate! The second edition of Chess by Neva Foundation at the Verbier Festival. Learn the basics of the game, play in a tournament and witness the stars of the Festival take on Grand Master Vladimir Kramnik in a simultaneous match.

Introduction to Chess

Tuesday 1 August
Place Blanche (W Verbier)
Free Workshop

10 am to 12:30 pm : Introduction workshop for kids. Online Registration
2  to 4 pm : Workshop for adults (all levels). Online Registration (places are limited)

Chess Tournament

Wednesday 2 August
W Living Room (W Verbier)
Free with online registration (places are limited)
Open to young Festival musicians and the public

Qualification for simultaneous match which takes place at 4 pm
10 am to noon and 2:30 to 3:30 pm

Simultaneous Match with Grand Master Vladimir Kramnik

Wednesday 2 August
Carve Sushi Bar & Nightclub (W Verbier)
Free event with commentary, open to the public

Qualifying player from the public chess tournament will be invited to  join stars of the Festival for this simultaneous match led by Vladimir Kramnik, Grand Master and No. 2 in the world.
4 to 5 pm

Grand Master Vladimir Kramnik face à Martin Engstroem en partie simultanée.

Neva Foundation

Founded by the Timchenko family, the Neva Foundation fosters cultural exchanges and the outreach of Russian culture through projects and partnerships facilitating transmission and sharing. The Foundation develops and supports projects in the core areas of culture, sports and education.

fest’off programme