Verbier Festival

25 Years at the Top

Twenty-five years ago, Martin T:son Engstroem, the Verbier Festival’s Founder, had an idea to establish a workshop open to the skies, a place for exchanging knowledge, passion and interests. Meeting and sharing: these two words are a constant thread throughout a new book being published to celebrate the Festival’s 25th anniversary. The idea is to recount the Festival’s beginnings, its key moments, its financial challenges, and, beyond that, to convey its spirit by way of first-hand accounts drawn from a selection of interviews. The story of ’25 years of music at the top’ is brought to life with photographs of the Festival’s most captivating moments.

Language french-english
Approximately 400 pages and 300 photographies
Format 24 x 32.5 cm
Price CHF 69.– / € 55.–

Available in bookstores and online