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Schubert, Say
An electrifying evening from Fazil Say where he performs Troy (2018), his ten-part epic tome inspired by Homer’s masterpiece The Iliad, showcasing his virtuosic nature as both a pianist and composer.

Piano Sonata No. 19 in C minor D. 958

Troy Sonata Op. 78 (2018)

Schubert’s Piano Sonata No. 19 in C minor is one of three he composed just two months before his death aged 31. By turns passionate and introvert, rage-filled and tender, frustrated and accepting, its psychological range sounds like a fevered personal emotional outpouring, but also like a conscious uptake of the piano sonata mantle left by Beethoven, who had died the previous year. In fact its opening Allegro contains echoes of Beethoven’s 32 Variations also in C minor. Fazil Say’s virtuosic Troy Sonata is equally multicoloured as its ten seamlessly running movements depict the Greek mythological tale of the Trojan War. Its many cinematic and stylistically eclectic moments include the rippling arpeggios of Aegean Winds, and Sparta combining softly ethereal writing with ominous percussive motifs that often are voiced using extended techniques.