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Rosowsky, Bloch, Shostakovich
A remarkable ensemble of Joshua Bell, Steven Isserlis and Evgeny Kissin perform a selection of works written by Jewish composers, plus Shostakovich’s Trio for violin, cello and piano, inspired by Jewish themes.

Fantastic Dance on Hebrew Themes for Piano Trio Op. 6

‘From Jewish Life’ for Cello and Piano
‘Baal Shem’ suite for Violin and Piano

Piano Trio No. 2 in E minor Op. 67

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A pupil of Liadov and Rimsky Korsakov, Solomon Rosowsky penned his Fantastic Dance for piano trio in 1907. Based on a Jewish song, it opens with a recitative-like passage. Ernst Bloch’s From Jewish Life for cello dates from 1924, and consists of Prayer, Supplication and Jewish Song. An intensely lyrical work, its melancholy is heightened by the use of quartertones. Baal Shem for violin, written the previous year, opens with Vidui (Contrition), a prayer of repentance, before Nigun (Improvisation) evokes a genre of Hassidic song designed to be spiritually transcendental. Simchas Torah then celebrates the Rejoicing in the Law festival. Shostakovich’s elegiac Piano Trio No. 2 of 1944 was dedicated the close friend he’d just lost to a heart attack, writer Ivan Sollertinsky, while also remembering Russia’s wartime suffering, particularly that of its Jews.

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