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World Premiere / Prokofiev - Verbier Festival Academy Alumni
A new creation commissioned by the Verbier Festival Academy for chamber ensemble, electronics and processed field recordings in response to Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony. Concert with lighting installation from collective Scale.

Like Beethoven strolling through the Viennese countryside, composer, producer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev wandered to the heights of Verbier in early 2020 in search of just the right sounds. On route to the Chapelle Saint-Christophe, he captured atmospheric audio clips from nature— possibly similar to those that inspired Beethoven to compose his Sixth Symphony, the ‘Pastoral’. In tribute to Beethoven and his work, Prokofiev delivers a modern, resolutely contemporary response to the Pastoral in this World Premiere. Presented here for string sextet and electronics, this new work integrates these found field recordings . A possible return to the source; A possible projection into the future; Music of our time, certainly.

Pre-concertcast: Gabriel Prokofiev in conversation with Charlotte Gardner