Convo-Concert: Gabriel Prokofiev & Joby Burgess

01 February 2020 13:15 W Hotel Verbier

Free Entry with registration

The Verbier Art Summit is an international event where art meets innovation. Join the debate and explore the urgent theme: Resource Hungry. The 2020 Verbier Art Summit will ask how to envision a way forward in finding harmony between art, ecology and resources.
Unlimited @Verbier Art Summit presents a mid-day inspiration convo-concert with London-based composer and electronic musician Gabriel Prokofiev. Prokofiev will speak about the creation of socially aware music, including a new work for chamber ensemble, electronics and processed field recordings that has been commissioned by the Verbier Festival Academy as a response to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. His words will be interspersed by live performances of his own Suite for Global Junk, Import/Export, that will feature percussionist Joby Burgess and video by visual artist, Kathy Hinde.
Join Gabriel Prokofiev for a ‘Non-Classical’ DJ set, also on 1 February, starting at 11 pm at Étoile Verbier. Free Entry.

JOBY BURGESS percussion

Academy & Unlimited Director, Verbier Festival
Import/Export: Suite for Global Junk
Voyage IV. Plastic Invasion
Voyage V. Fanta®


Import/Export is a Suite for global junk that is centred on the theme of globalisation; it is written for seemingly ‘culture-less’ objects that have been reclaimed, to create stimulating, socially aware music. It is a 30-minute project featuring British percussionist Joby Burgess. There are seven voyages expressed through four movements, each of which uses a different object: Fanta bottles, an oil drum, plastic bags and a wooden pallet. As well as being reclaimed and recycled junk, all these objects are used to make music in some parts of the world.

Visual artist Kathy Hinde uses video to highlight the journeys of each of the objects and the contrasting locations of where they are found, further enhanced by sound processing and the use of surround sound. It contains a powerful message underlined by Prokofiev’s choice of instruments from which Burgess produces an imaginative array of sound effects.