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atelier: intro to the nutcracker (fr)
Attending a classical music concert when you're just a kid may seem like a tall order. UNLTD to the rescue. Children and parents taking part in this preparatory workshop, with music educator Martine Pernoud, will attend the concert of 22.07 at Salle des Combins, featuring Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker. Workshop designed for a group of ten children ages 7 to 15, each accompanied by a parent.

This special educational price includes access to the Les Petits Mélomanes preparatory workshop (value CHF 10) and the Tchaikovsky concert on 22.07, for one adult and one child in category C (value CHF 90 + CHF 30).

Kids will be identified at the concert with a VIPP (Very Important Petite Personne) badge.

Choose your seats for the concert when placing your order.