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chamber music


Shor, Zedginidze, Schubert / Barenboim – Lozakovich – Ridout – Cheng – Ferrández – Moreau – Kane – Shishkin – Tsujii – Zedginidze

Romanticism past and present, including the world premiere of young Georgian pianist-composer Tsotne Zedginidze’s brand new Piano Trio.


Piano Trio in B-minor
(Shishkin, Lozakovich, Moreau)

Piano Trio
(Zedginidze, Barenboim, Cheng)


FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828)
Piano Quintet in A major D. 667 “Trout”
(Tsujii, Lozakovich, Ridout, Ferrández, Kane)

Lyric romanticism and the whisper of folk music are defining features of Ukrainian-born Alexey Shor’s Piano Trio in B minor. An impassioned Andante con moto opens, full of close dialogue between the three instruments. Then comes a melancholic central Andante, before the multifaceted concluding Moderato. Tsotne Zedginidze’s musical language similarly draws on Romanticism and his own national folk heritage, of Georgia. Composed in 1819, Schubert’s five-movement Piano Quintet in A major is nicknamed the ‘Trout’ on account of its fourth movement theme and variations being based on his earlier song of the same name. Scored with a double bass in place of the usual second violin, it opens on an Allegro vivace dominated by a rippling triplet figure. Next come a serene Andante and a folkily dancing Scherzo. Then after the aforementioned variations comes a jaunty finale containing more rippling triplets.

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