Verbier Festival
Un violon dans mon école

A Violin Can Change the World

The Verbier Festival shares the Vareille Foundation’s belief that classical music should belong to everyone, not just a privileged few.

The Foundation’s A Violin can Change the World programme takes its inspiration from the Bridge Project, launched by the London Music Masters Foundation in communities on the outskirts of the English capital. Under this marvelous program, music classes become an integral part of the elementary curriculum from age four, and children begin violin lessons in their second year. Starting from the fourth year, instruction becomes optional, and children who choose to continue are given a violin. The programme has shown that not only do many children develop a genuine interest in music, but that academic performance clearly improves though the development discipline and concentration skills.

The Vareille Foundation offers its project in communities in Switzerland and France. The project succeeds with active participation from professional music teachers, the management team at host schools and, for the Martigny chapter of the project, from collaboration with the Verbier Festival.

Each summer, since 2016, ‘Violin Project’ students and their parents have visited the Verbier Festival for a one-day retreat.  The retreat, which is planned especially with these special visitors, aims to inspire the young students to learn the violin all year long by exposing them to inspiring music-based activities, performances and rehearsals, and by introducing them to young musicians who are at the beginning of their professional careers.

Close to 100 children and parents took part in the retreat again in 2018.