Verbier Festival

One day at Verbier Festival

Come up to Verbier during the Festival means to have a complete immersion in a classical an natural environment! Here is an example of a daily schedule we built for you to enjoy this very special experience.

6.00 am, all Thursdays

Sunrise over the Montfort

Lever montfort

To start a good day, admire the sunrise over the Alps at Montfort summit.

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9.00 am, Chalet d’Adrien, Charlet Orny, Hôtel de la Poste and Téléverbier – Verbier Festival Academy

Masterclasses of piano, violin, cello and viola


Plunge into the Verbier Festival by attending the masterclasses.

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10.00 am – Verbier Festival Discovery

Cultural Hike


Discover an artistic installation, a performance or a concert during a walk in the mountains !

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10.30 am

Paragliding from the Ruinettes

For the more adventurous, discover Verbier by air through a paragliding fly.

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11.00 am, at the Church

Concert at the Church


Be immersed in the intimacy of the morning concerts in the Church.

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12.00 am, all Tuesdays

Brunch at the alpine pasture of Sery

alpage de sery

One more experience to live in Verbier, eat a brunch in the middle of the mountains.

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2.00 pm, Chalet d'Adrien and Le Rouge - Verbier Festival Academy

Chamber music and voice masterclasses.


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2.00 pm, Chalet Orny - Verbier Festival Discovery

Conversations Discovery


Charles Sigel is one of the best followers of the Festival. Every summer, the journalist interviews the artists and make them tell about their passion for music.

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3.00 pm, at the « Fanfare » - Verbier Festival Discovery Children

For the kids


Introduction to art and music through educational and playful activities.

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4.30 pm, at the Cinema – Verbier Festival Academy

Young soloists concerts


The daily concerts from the musicians of the Academy are the occasion for them to perform in front of an audience and for you to appreciate their progresses.

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6.00 pm, Verbier


Enjoy the sweet evenings of the summer and have a drink with your friends in Verbier or in front of the Salle des Combins.

7.00 pm, Salle des Combins

Great concerts


Symphonic concerts, recitals, operas : enjoy the quality of the essence of the Festival !

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8.00 pm, at the Church

Chamber music concerts


The Church is the place to be for chamber music lovers !

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9.00 pm, Fest’Off

New trendy place of the Fest’Off


Jazz concerts, theater performances & open stages. Enjoy your night with this new area in the heart of the village!

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11.00 pm, at The Church – Verbier Festival Orchestra

Nocturnes de chambre


For those who still have some energy the « Windows on the Orchestra » concerts give the opportunity to young musicians to play the programme of their choice on the stage of the Church.