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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

your safety is important to us

In view of positive developments in the epidemiological situation, the progress being made with the rollout of the vaccines and the responses to the consultation received from the cantons, social partners and other participants, the Swiss Federal Council last week announced the re-opening of the country and the relaxing of rules for persons crossing into its borders. These new measures went into effect 26 June.

While caution is still warranted, case numbers and hospital admissions due to Covid-19 continue to fall sharply in Switzerland and half of the adult population is expected to be fully vaccinated by the end of the month. Switzerland has been in a stabilisation phase since the beginning of June. The Federal Council is continuing to monitor the spread of the more transmissible Delta variant closely.

Preparations for the 28th edition of the Verbier Festival, which include a wide-ranging public health protocol to ensure the safety of patrons, artists and our Festival team, can therefore continue as planned.

Together with Unisanté, the University Centre for General Medicine and Public Health in Lausanne, the Festival has developed extensive protocols that to ensure everyone’s safety and maintain as much as possible the warmth and spirit for which the Verbier Festival is known. From the start, the Festival’s 2021 edition has been planned as an event that would welcome no more than 1,000 people seated at any single performance, and which would ensure that only up to two-thirds of each venue’s capacity would be in use to allow physical distancing measures.

With this latest announcement by the Federal Council, our Festival may now move forward under the rules for an ‘event without a Covid certificate requirement’.  Verbier Festival visitors will therefore not be required to present a Covid certificate for admission to the many Mainstage, Academy and Unlimited performances.

Please read on to become familiar with the latest updates to our protocols in order to prepare for your visit.


Questions: info@verbierfestival.com

The Swiss Federal Council reserves the right to cancel the Festival should the public health situation deteriorate.

preparing for your arrival

Do you have Covid-19 symptoms?

If you or anyone in your household has had any Covid-19 symptoms within ten days before the performance you are attending, however fleeting, please get tested before making the trip to the Festival and only come if you have a confirmed negative test. Should you test positive, you will of course be eligible for a reimbursement of your ticket with the presentation of a medical certificate. See our Terms of Sales for details on our Book with Confidence promise.

Admission Requirements

Our Festival is designated as an event without a Covid certificate requirement. You are not required to show proof of immunity from Covid-19 to be admitted to Festival events. Under this designation by the Federal Council, masks must still be worn inside Festival venues. While you are not obliged present a certificate of immunity, the Festival encourages Festivalgoers to be vaccinated for their own protection and the protection of those around them.

What to Bring with You
  • Face-mask
  • Ticket(s) with corresponding name(s) of ticketholder(s)

The Festival’s Covid Security team will be on-hand around Verbier to provide hand sanitizer and general advice on safety.

Stay Hydrated

Please be sure to hydrate before arriving at Festival performances and events. There will be no public bar service on the esplanade of Salle des Combins.  Rest assured, however, that bottled water will be available for sale.

How to Keep up to Date

Our daily newspaper, E-Quotidien can be sent directly to your inbox each morning of the Festival so you can keep up to date on important concert and safety announcements. While we won’t be presenting live pre-concert talks this summer, you can still meet our team of musicologists and music journalists through their series of video pre-concertcasts that you may access directly from your computer or mobile device via this daily news. Make sure you subscribe here.

Collection of Personal Information / Privacy

Our reservation and ticketing system allows for easy contact tracing. Please be assured that the data we collect is kept confidential and is compliant with GDPR regulations.

entering venues

When to Arrive

We will begin managed entry into Festival venues 30 minutes before each performance. Please plan your arrival accordingly.

Entry into Salle des Combins

Entry into Salle des Combins will be possible via two access points, even seats or odd seats, corresponding to your seat number indicated on your ticket. You will also receive a message by email prior to each performance.

Flow of Movement

Venues will offer a one-direction movement protocol to allow safe entrance, location of seats and exit.


Masks must be worn at all times while seated, standing or moving inside Festival venues, and in all other circumstances where physical distancing cannot be maintained, including outdoors. Please remember to bring your own masks with you to performances.

Hand Sanitizer

The Festival asks that you regularly wash and disinfect your hands. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entry of all concert venues.

Ticket Control

Tickets will be checked using an electronic contactless system. The name on the ticket must correspond to that of the ticketholder. Upon entry, we will scan your ticket.

during performances

Physical Distancing

The capacity of our venues has been reduced by one third and seating plans have been adapted to allow for distancing measures. All seating is arranged either in groups of two (by household) or as single seats, with at least one seat empty either side. Intervening seats will not be removed but will be clearly blocked from use. Please respect the seating arrangements. Once you’ve taken your seat, we ask you to remain in it until the end of the performance.


You must wear a mask even while seated during performances.  Please remember to bring your own masks with you.

Concert Length

To minimise risk, the majority of Festival concerts has been programmed to last around 70 minutes each. Concerts will be presented without intermission. Salle des Combins will present two performances most evenings.

after performances

At the conclusion of each performance we will direct you to leave our venues swiftly from multiple exits to avoid congestion at the doors. We appreciate your patience and ask that you please be mindful of others upon your exit. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow the public to access the backstage areas this year.

Patrons must exit venues after each concert even if they hold a ticket for a second performance, to allow time for disinfection and ventilation.

academy & unlimited

Reservations will be required for all Academy and Unlimited activities this summer.  Seating capacities have been reduced and proper distancing will be implemented.

Safety protocols developed in collaboration with

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