Verbier Festival

Experience the Verbier Festival after dark with fest’off a series of free and low-cost events that appeal to the musically-curious and transcend the boundaries of classical music and musical expectations.

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Secret Concerts

CHF 25.-
Artists and venues are kept secret until the last minute for these intimate one-of-a-kind performances by distinguished artists of the Festival.


CHF 25.-
Concerts that push the button.
Classical meets electronic.

Verbier Unscripted

Music is often best when it’s unscripted. Join musicians of the Verbier Festival Academy and Orchestras as they let loose during late-night jam and karaoke sessions.

Fenêtres sur Orchestre

Chamber music concerts curated and performed by members of the Verbier Festival Orchestras.


CHF 10.-
La Musique Acteur du Cinéma / La Musique parle au Cinéma
Documentaries and films in which music plays a central role