Raconte-moi une histoire

Cultural education and fostering artistic expression are central to the core values of the Verbier Festival — nevermore so than when engaging with children.

With Storytellers: Raconte-moi une histoire, UNLTD is dedicated to promoting artistic learning in schools throughout Valais. The interactive programme is both multidisciplinary and engaging.

with the generous support of

The Heineman Foundation
Fondation Vareille
Le Canton du Valais
Loterie Romande
Direction des écoles Martigny
Direction des écoles Monthey
Direction des écoles des Villages

Storytellers promotes a love for words and cultivates an appreciation for art and classical music. By using their imagination and drawing on famous works of literature, children discover visual arts and classical music and dive into a world of artists, composers, their works, and musical instruments.
In line with the objectives of the Romand Curriculum Plan, which aims to “discover, perceive, and develop modes of artistic expression and their languages in an identity, communicative, and cultural perspective,” the project combines multiple artistic disciplines (literature, music, oral expression, visual arts) with elements of the school curriculum.
The programme offers children a captivating and inspiring artistic experience through a thought-provoking series of workshops led by a team of talented artists. It brings together alumni of the Verbier Festival Academy, an illustrator, and a storyteller, who collaborate in the classroom to create an enriching environment for the children. Through the power of storytelling and music, children embark on a journey into a world of imagination, exposing them to a realm of creativity.
This year’s project delves into one of Charles Perrault’s beloved tales, Puss in Boots, and presents accompanying compositions arranged specifically for a string quartet. To enhance the narrative, a selection of music by Béla Bartók, György Ligeti, Luigi Boccherini, Maurice Ravel, Erich Wolfgang Korngold, Johannes Brahms, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Antonín Dvořák is featured. These compositions aim to complement and enhance the words of the storyteller, providing a harmonious blend of music and storytelling.

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