General Conditions of Sale

ticket ordering procedures

Customers are not limited in the number of tickets they wish to purchase at full price. In general, reductions are not applicable in the “Carré Or” category.

Orders are processed by the Verbier Festival Foundation, in the order in which they are received, subject to availability.

Group reservations are possible from when the ticket office has opened to the general public, under the same terms and conditions as for single tickets. For all requests regarding reservations for groups of more than 10 people, the organizer may contact the Verbier Festival Ticket Office directly by phone or email to discuss any special arrangements for the group’s attendance.

People with disabilities are asked to contact the Verbier Festival Ticket Office directly, to ensure adequate seating and the corresponding price.

price & payment methods

Prices are in CHF (Swiss francs) and include 2.6% VAT.
Prices indicated are based on the rates in force at the time of the order. The Verbier Festival Foundation reserves the right to modify the prices of concerts at any time. However, these modifications will have no effect on the price of orders that have already been confirmed.

Reduced price tickets or promotions from our partners cannot be combined.
The “Bagnard” rate is reserved for permanent residents of the Commune de Val de Bagnes. It offers a 40% reduction on categories A and B for the Salle des Combins, and Category 1 for the Eglise concerts. No reduction is granted for non-allocated-seating concerts at the Salle des Combins and at the Eglise. This rate is applicable to one ticket per person and per concert, subject to availability, and cannot be combined with any other benefit. A certificate of primary residence for the current year must be provided when ordering.

The “Under 30” rate applies to persons under 30 years of age. The ticket is CHF 30, except in Carré Or and A categories. Proof of identity must be provided when ordering.
A handling and shipping fee of CHF 6 will be charged for all tickets sent by post. For orders placed online or sent electronically, no shipping costs apply.
The following methods of payment are accepted:

• Credit and debit Card: Mastercard, Visa, American Express
• Bank and postal transfers: to the account of the Verbier Festival Foundation (e-Banking or QR-bill)
• Verbier Festival gift vouchers
• In cash at the Ticket Office during the Festival

Online payment is made in accordance with the general terms and conditions of Worldline payment system. All information is protected and encrypted before transmission to the processing centre. This security is ensured by the SSL2 protocol and is certified in accordance with the Payment Card Industry. Once tickets have been paid for, no changes or refunds will be accepted. Any method of payment not listed and provided for in these general conditions of sale will be refused by the Verbier Festival.

ticket orders

For orders placed by email, in the case of there being no more seats available in the category initially requested by the customer, the sale may be transferred to seats in an upper or lower category, subject to the customer’s prior agreement.

The Verbier Festival recommends to clients who have opted for bank transfer payment to wait for confirmation of their reservation before proceeding with the wire transfer. For payments made by credit card, the debit will be made automatically.

If the client who has placed an order does not receive a reply within one (1) week of the order being placed, he or she should contact the Verbier Festival Ticket Office by telephone +41 (0)848 771 882.

festival programme changes

As the program is established well in advance, the Verbier Festival Foundation reserves the right to modify the programme, including artists, if necessary, or when the conditions are not met to allow the planned concert to be presented. These changes will not entitle you to any refund.

Only the definitive cancellation of a concert, by the Verbier Festival Foundation, may give the right to a refund. The face value of the ticket paid by the customer will be refunded, at their request, and upon presentation of the full ticket and bank details. Any refund request must reach us no later than the day of the concert in question. Requests after the date of the cancelled concert will not be considered.

If the concert has to be interrupted beyond half of its duration, the ticket will not be refunded.

issuing of tickets

Tickets may be:

  • Sent by post when ordered by phone
  • Sent electronically when ordered by email
  • Printed at home by the customer. These must be printed on white A4 paper, legible and unstained
  • Downloaded to mobile phone by the customer. You will then have to present your switched-on phone with the Mobile-Ticket at the entrance to the hall
  • Issued at ticket counters during the Festival

Tickets will be issued as soon as payment is received and sent by post to the address given at the time of ordering. The Verbier Festival Foundation cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft, or delay in delivery of tickets.

Should an order not allow tickets to be sent and received on time, i.e. before the day of the concert in question, these tickets can be collected from the Verbier Festival Ticket Office during the event or sent by email.

Any change of postal or e-mail address must be notified in writing to the following address:

Billetterie du Verbier Festival
Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 4
1800 Vevey

Any ticket that could not be delivered due to an unreported change of address will not give the right to any refund.

In the event of loss or damage to your tickets, duplicates can be issued by contacting our ticket office. Please note that each duplicate cancels the original ticket, meaning the original ticket cannot, under any circumstances, pass the access control in the hall.

ticket use, exchange, refunds

Tickets cannot be taken back, exchanged, or refunded, even in the event of loss or theft. They must be presented on request and are not valid without the control counterfoil. Any resale of a ticket at a price higher than that shown on the front is strictly forbidden.

The buyer has sole responsibility for their ticket. They assume full responsibility in the event of theft, loss or fraud. Each ticket is unique: the bar code it contains will be scanned at the entrance and will only allow admission to one person. Thus, only the first person to present the ticket will be admitted to the performance. It is therefore forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit the ticket in any way.

Any holder of a ticket acquired as part of this offer is prohibited, under penalty of possible legal proceedings, from using it for promotional or commercial purposes of any kind. In particular, any sale or exchange of tickets is strictly prohibited, unless specifically agreed by the Verbier Festival Foundation. As such, the Verbier Festival Foundation reserves the right to refuse access to its rooms to any holder of a ticket purchased from an organization other than the Verbier Festival or from any third party duly authorized by it.

admissions conditions

Each ticket entitles the holder to one seat only. Ticket holders are not allowed to sell or distribute any product or article whatsoever within the Verbier Festival grounds.

Out of respect for the audience and the artists, late access to venues (i.e. once the concert has already begun) will only be permitted to available seats and at appropriate times, upon indication by Verbier Festival ushers. Numbered seating is no longer guaranteed after the time indicated on the ticket.

Tickets cease to be valid from the moment their holder leaves the event. All persons within the Verbier Festival premises must comply with the safety regulations in force.

To be valid, tickets must not be detached from their control stump.

Electronic tickets must bear a legible bar code or QR code of the original size. This barcode ticket is unique. Its validity will be checked at the venue entrance. The ticket is only valid once: photocopies and forgeries will not be accepted. It is forbidden to purchase tickets from sources outside the official Verbier Festival sales outlets, as the customer has no guarantee of validity of the ticket.

It is strictly forbidden to photograph, film or record performances, Masterclasses and rehearsals.

Mobile phones must be switched off during the concert. It is forbidden to smoke in Verbier Festival concert venues.


Refund requests in the event of medical circumstances are not automatically refunded and will be examined by Management of the Verbier Festival Foundation upon presentation of a medical certificate. Only the person listed on the medical certificate may claim refund of his/her tickets.

Subject to the above provisions, any complaint must be put in writing, and directed to the Verbier Festival by post or email to the following addresses:

Verbier Festival
Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 4
1800 Vevey

The election of domicile is made by the Verbier Festival Foundation at its head office. In case of any dispute concerning the execution of the sales contract or the payment of the price, the Court of Entremont (Valais) shall have sole jurisdiction. With the exception of special written agreements, any order automatically entails the buyer’s adherence to these General Conditions of Sale.