The Friends Association
of the Verbier Festival

The Friends of the Verbier Festival first took shape in 1993, when a group of music-loving donors was inspired by Martin T:son Engstroem’s idea for a two-week festival of classical music in the Swiss Alps of Valais.

Even after more than 25 years, Martin Engstroem feels that the Verbier Festival is “a waking dream”. That dream would not have been realised without the consistent generosity and personal commitment of the Friends. Their support for the Festival as a whole, and notably for its learning programmes and major artistic projects, has been crucial to its rise to the top: the Verbier Festival is now one of the world’s most renowned classical music events, blazing a trail into the 21st century.

Tax Benefits of Becoming a Friend

The Association of Friends of the Verbier Festival is a not-for-profit organization that operates to the public benefit. Any donation made to the Association by a person or an entity residing or registered in Switzerland is therefore tax-deductible (up to a limit of 20% of net revenue in Switzerland and in accordance with the regulations of the canton of residence).

Residents or entities in other European countries or the United States may receive a tax exemption by making their donations through the Association’s partner institutions. Please contact the Friends Association for a list of these institutions and further information.

Join our Growing Circle of Friends!

As a Friend of the Verbier Festival, you will join a valued group of philanthropic patrons and play a crucial role in supporting the Festival’s present and building its future.

Donate to The Friends

Through making a donation, you will enjoy benefits in accordance with the level of your gift.


Bank account in CHF

Friends of the Verbier Festival
UBS Verbier
Account No.: H4352329.0
IBAN: CH84 0026 4264 H435 2329 0

Bank account in USD

Friends of the Verbier Festival
UBS Verbier
Account No.: GW101426.1
IBAN: CH80 0026 4264 GW101 4261

House a Festival Artist, Student or Member of Staff

Housing represents a significant cost to the Verbier Festival. By offering accommodation to a visiting artist, student or one of the more than 200 members of staff, you allow the Festival to devote more funds to artistic and learning programmes while benefitting from newly formed friendships. The Festival’s Housing Department coordinates logistics, including arrivals and departures, and any requests that your guests might have during their stay. They also coordinate cleaning and laundry services.

Host a Friends Post-Concert Dinner

If you have a chalet in Verbier, you can be part of a tradition that is truly unique and important to the Verbier Festival. We invite you to host a post-concert dinner: a gathering of musicians, Friends of the Festival and key members of the Festival team where new friendships and warm memories are formed. Please contact the Friends Association for further information.

Supporting Verbier Academy Musicians

The Academy offers five world-renowned training programmes for musicians in the early stages of their careers:

  1. Verbier Festival Orchestra (VFO)
  2. Conducting
  3. Verbier Festival Junior Orchestra (VFJO)
  4. Soloists and Chamber Music
  5. Atelier Lyrique

You can offset the expenses incurred by the Verbier Festival to train its Academy musicians with the donation of a scholarship. Each CHF 3,500 scholarship covers approximately one quarter of the average cost to train one of these exceptionally talented musicians. Your scholarship may be directed to the Academy artist of your choice.

Board Members

  • Mme Catherine de Marignac, Présidente
  • Mme Sabine Popescu Dutruit, Vice-Présidente & Chargée de la promotion et des relations avec les institutions et la population locale
  • Mme Bermet Akaeva, Chargée des contacts presse et des relations avec les pays russophones
  • M. Hans Bölsterli, Trésorier et Ambassadeur des Amis aux Etats-Unis
  • Mme Peggy Czyzak-Dannenbaum, Ambassadrice des Amis au Royaume-Uni
  • Mme Jorien Crol-de-Groot, Chargée de l’hébergement pour la Verbier Festival Academy
  • Mme Véronique Fellay, Chargée de la promotion des relations avec les milieux immobiliers locaux
  • Mme Dawn Sarasin, Chargée des dîners après-concert
  • M. Patrice Feron

Contact Details

Association des Amis du Verbier Festival
Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 4
1800 Vevey

+41 (0)21 925 90 66