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insolite: music in the unlikeliest of places
The view from the heights of Verbier is breathtaking. You'll feel just as dizzy listening to Franck Cottet Dumoulin's improvisations on double bass. A virtuoso tightrope walker, he draws the audience into a suspended, intimate and unforgettable musical moment.

The concert will take place in the heart of the Verbier Festival Forest, a protected natural site that has been given pride of place by UNLTD. The site is accessible in two ways:

  • By taking part in the Balade Musicale, departing from Salle des Combins at 09:30. The medium-level walk will take you to the St Christophe chapel and then on to the concert site. Bookings can be made via the link below.
  • By taking a shuttle bus (CHF 5.-) from Hôtel Le Chalet d’Adrien at 10:30. From the shuttle drop-off point, our team will guide you to the concert location on an easy 20-minute walk. Bookings can be made by calling the Ticket Office at +41 (0)848 771 882.