Verbier Festival

Discover the various venues for Verbier Festival activities

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Salle des Combins

The Salle des Combins is the Verbier Festival’s main concert hall, with 1700 seats.
Each row is on a separate tier, which guarantees an excellent view of the stage. Improvements to the soundproofing and heat insulation make this a very high-quality non-permanent venue.

Address: Chemin de Plan Pra, Verbier

2019 Programme

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Church of Verbier

The Eglise (Church) de Verbier hosts morning and evening concerts.
With 500 seats, the Eglise is the ideal venue to get to know an artist within a warm, intimate setting.

Address: Chemin de l’Eglise, Verbier

2019 Programme

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This year, the Verbier Festival introduces a third official venue—in addition to Salle des Combins and the Église—that will be a signature home for Academy and Unlimited programmes. Located adjacent to Salle des Combins, the Spiegeltent will be a welcoming and unique home to piano and opera masterclasses, and Unlimited programmes including the Philanthropy Forum, afternoon conversations, English-language pre-concert chats and ‘soirées’ After Dark.

Spiegeltents, or magic mirrors, were travelling pavilions hand-crafted in Belgium that toured Europe at the start of the 20th century. They were a popular fairground attraction to which thousands flocked to dance on their beautiful oak floors and be entertained while nestled in their elegant seating booths. They were the ultimate cabaret and music salon.

2019 Programme

Academy Masterclasses

Main venues:

  • Chalet d’Adrien, Route des Creux 91, Verbier
  • Chalet Orny, Chemin des Marais Verts 9, Verbier
  • Cinéma, Place Centrale, Verbier
  • Téléverbier, Rue de Médran 41, Verbier

Masterclasses Programme

Festival Fountain

Recharge your batteries at the Festival Fountain, located on the Esplanade des Combins.
This oasis will be directly supplied by a combination of water from Louvie and the Verbier mountains and equipped with a photovoltaic solar roof and an electric bicycle charging system.

This fountain is based on a concept intended to be reproduced in several copies and installed on E-bike courses in the val de Bagnes.