FAQs about Volunteering


what volunteer positions are available?

Click here for the list of available positions.


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volunteer requirements

How can I become a volunteer?

Sign-up using our online form.


How old do I need to be to volunteer?

You need to be at age 18 to volunteer for the Festival.


Can I apply if I don’t speak French?

Yes, you may still apply as you speak English. Of course, preference is given to volunteers who can speak some French.


What about my nationality?

In addition to being available during the Festival period, as well as being motivated, flexible and full of team spirit, you do need to be either a citizen or legal resident of Switzerland or the European Union.  Click here for more information.

I am a citizen of a country outside the Schengen zone, but I have a valid residence permit in the Schengen area. Can I volunteer at the Verbier Festival?

No, even though you have a valid residence permit in the Schengen area, you are not permitted to come to Switzerland to undertake volunteer work if you are a citizen of a country from outside the Schengen zone.


What is the minimum time commitment?

Due to training considerations, we ask that you commit to a minimum of seven days: either from 15 to 21 July, from 21 to 27 July or from 27 July to 2 August.


When will I know if I’ve been accepted as a volunteer?

Volunteer positions are normally confirmed in April and May. You will receive a personalized schedule by late June.


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what’s expected once i arrive?

How many hours a day will I work?

You will generally work four hours each day.

Do volunteers have to wear a uniform?

Volunteers are important ambassadors for the Festival. They should wear their official Festival badge at all times when they are on duty.  We ask that they do not wear their badges when they are not working.  Good personal hygiene is expected of all volunteers. Those working with the public—at concerts, masterclasses, talks and other special events such as post-concert dinners—should wear simple elegant clothing, with a white top and black trousers.


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travel, accommodation & meals

Does the Festival provide free housing?

Accommodation is not offered by the Festival. However, the Festival can make apartments with shared rooms available (maximum 2 people per room) for a financial contribution of CHF 100 per week. The number of places is limited; therefore, priority will be given to volunteers who commit to the entire duration of the Festival. Requests will be treated on a first-come first-served basis. Please indicate that you need housing when registering to volunteer.


Where can I find accommodation if I don’t want a shared room?

You may find housing listings at the Verbier Tourism website and at sites like rentalp.com.

Are travel costs covered?

The Festival does not cover travel costs for volunteers. However, all volunteers have free access to the TéléVerbier télécabines (ski lifts) with their official Festival badges. Public transportation within Verbier (the bus) is free.


Is there a canteen for volunteers?

There is no canteen for volunteers. Volunteers are on their own for meals.


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volunteer perks

What benefits are offered to volunteers?
  • Official Verbier Festival T-shirt
  • Complimentary concert tickets (subject to availability) corresponding to the number of volunteer hours committed
  • Discounted concert tickets (maximum 2 per concert, subject to availability)
  • Special offers and discounts in some shops, bars and restaurants in Verbier
  • Free access to the TéléVerbier télécabines (lift service) and the Verbier swimming pool
  • Invitations to all events organized for staff and volunteers—meals and drinks included—subject to evolving health safety restrictions.
Can volunteers attend concerts for free?

Volunteers will have access to last-minute complimentary tickets to concerts when available. These tickets will be available online, at the Festival Ticket Office and at the venue ticket kiosk immediately before a performance.


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Is it safe to come to the Verbier Festival during a pandemic?

We’re committed to keep you safe at our Festival this summer. We encourage you to visit our Safety Protocols for regular updates for more information.


I am a high-risk person for Covid-19, do I need to mention this in my application?

You are under no obligation to report this to the Festival. If you truly feel you are at high risk, we understand that you may wish to sit this year out if you cannot guarantee a vaccination before coming.


Do I have to be tested for the Covid-19 virus to work at the Verbier Festival?

Health protection protocols are constantly are evolving. We will likely require testing upon arrival for all artists, staff and volunteers. We encourage you to visit our Safety Protocols for regular updates.

What happens if I become ill with Covid-19 before, during or after the Festival?

We ask you to be vigilant. If you suspect you are positive for the Covid-19 virus or if you suspect you may have been in contact with someone who has contracted the virus, please get tested and or/see your doctor immediately.  Do not take the chance of spreading the virus by coming to the Festival. If you do test positive, please inform the Volunteer Manager so alternate arrangements may be made.  If you become positive while at the Festival, you will be required to isolate for a minimum of at least ten days and to follow instructions of medical professionals. The Festival will not cover any costs related to a Covid-19 infection. Health insurance, valid in Switzerland, is mandatory.


Will I need to wear a mask all the times?

Health protection protocols continue to evolve. For now, we ask that you plan to wear masks inside all Festival venues and wherever close contact with others cannot be avoided.


What about health insurance?

Volunteers are not insured by the Festival. Foreign volunteers must obtain health and accident insurance that is valid in Switzerland. The Festival will not cover any expenses, including those related to Covid (e.g. costs relating to falling ill, testing positive, quarantine, etc.).


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COVID-19 INFO — Your safety is our priority. Please read our comprehensive protocols.