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chamber music


Strauss, Fauré / Kim – Špaček – Tomter – Soltani – Debargue – Lugansky

Strauss’s early Piano Quartet, followed by Fauré’s mature Second Piano Quartet, performed by a multi-generational line-up of consummate chamber musicians.


Piano Quartet in C minor Op. 13
(Lugansky, Kim, Tomter, Soltani)


GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845-1924)
Piano Quartet No. 2 in G minor Op. 45
(Debargue, Špaček, Tomter, Soltani)

Strauss’s Piano Quartet was penned in 1885, when he was just 21. Its opening Allegro’s shades of Brahms are almost uncanny, but hints of the Strauss to come include its ardent, long-lined second subject, tailed with little falling sighs. Next come an elfin Scherzo housing a romantic Viennese trio, a sentimental Andante, and a passionate finale. Dating from the same time, Strauss’s older colleague Fauré’s Second Piano Quartet launches in on turbulent piano figures and a bold unison strings melody, but this opening Allegro molto moderato also features more cloudless writing. A forwards-pushing Scherzo of syncopated rhythms and swirling figures follows; then a quietly alert Adagio ma non troppo whose tolling opening piano figure apparently recalls boyhood memories of village evening bells, before an upbeat, richly textured finale of big-boned lilt.